Equestrian Surfaces have secured a partnership with Damman RisoHorse to supply and install their Ebb and Flow Arena Systems.

The principle of ebb and flow states that during ebb water is extracted from the sand making it dry, whereas during flow the water is returned making the sand wet again.

This principle of taking moisture out of the sand and replacing it can be easily applied to your riding surface with the Risohorse® ebb and flow system: If the riding surface is too wet, the excess water is extracted fully automatically. If the riding surface is too dry, the necessary water is replaced fully automatically.
This automatic adaptation of the riding surface to the water requirement means all the essential demands you make of a riding floor are fulfilled:


  1. Constant basic moistness in the top layer
  2. Going of the riding surface can be adapted to customers requirments
  3. Drainage capability
  4. Savings on irrigation and water costs

Ebb And Flow Benefits


  1. No need to prepare a foundation. The riding surface can be set up on natural soil. You can dispense with the use of compacting material, such as chippings.
  2. No surface watering
  3. No build-up of dust
  4. You have the same basic moisture and thus the same surface quality on every square metre of the riding area.
  5. The constant moisture makes for a reduced level of penatration
  6. Especially for indoor surfaces: no eyesores or additional noises from watering systems