Water logged Arena you could be looking for a Refurbishment

Has your arena been suffering during the recent Wet weather. Here at Equestrian Surfaces we specialize in the refurbishment and construction of arenas.

There are multiple things that can effect the lifespan of an arena, from the type of construction methods to the type of riding surface that you use.

As an Arena is a big undertaking seeking professional advice is paramount to success. Just like a house you would not build one without a good engineer and a good builder, you would also not use inferior products.

You should also take the same view when it comes to the construction / Refurbishment of  an Arena and contract this work to people who are professionals in this field.

Here at Equestrian Surfaces we are not builders or ground workers we are specialists in our field and as such all our installation teams are trained in the correct methods and materials we use to construct Arenas.

Below are some examples of problems we come across when carrying out refurbishments.

  • Water Logging

Several different factors can cause this, the main ones we find in Ireland is poor sand choice, these come in the form of unwashed sands, low silica content sands, soft sands and fine sands.

  • Poor Drainage

Another major problem is poor construction methods. This can be everything from poor stone choice for the filtration base , no drainage, or incorrect membranes.

  • Planting

Many clients are not aware that a simple thing like planting a hedge near to an arena can give you problems in years to come and consideration must be given to the type of pants and trees you wish to use and how close you plant them


Poor sand                                 Planting to close to arena edge root ingress

poor sand       poor stone and planting to close to arena



Installation Site for the new 40m by 20m outdoor arena has been levelled and Drains are just going in, The surface type will be Silica sand and Fusion Fibre, today will see the drains filled with pea gravel and the lower membrane installed, we will also be taking delivery of the stone for the filtration base.

60m by 20m Dressage Arena Carlow

Our Installation team have just completed the construction of this 60m by 20m Outdoor arena in Co Carlow, The riding surface is cushion track elite, We are just waiting for the delivery of the Mirrors to complete this Arena.

if you would like a quotation for the construction of new arena, please contact our sales team on 045254222