New Company logo

Due to Equestrian Surfaces Success on a Global Scale , We are currently in the process of Changing our logo across all our markets so our Brand and Quality of Surface ranges and Fibre additives are more recognizable,Our Global companies will now carry the new logo, look out for this logo wherever you maybe in the world it is a sure sign of quality in equestrian surfaces worldwide



Irrigation head in corner

Installation of irrigation system and Cushion Track on 60m by 30m Indoor arena

Cushion Track being installed on a 60m by 30m door arena, with fully automated irrigation system

60m by 30m indoor arena
cushion track being installed
Cushion track 2
cushion track 3
Irrigation head in corner
irrigation head

Equestrian Surfaces where commissioned to install Cushion Track riding surface on a 60m by 30m indoor arena.

The works included us designing and installing the irrigation system to fit in with the close boarding on the new arena.

As you can see in the pictures we work to the very highest standard to try and achieve the quality expected by our client without the irrigation system being compromised.

We will post more pictures over the coming days through to completion.