Completed Arena Constructions, Equestrian Surfaces Ireland

Equestrian Surfaces Ireland recently completed Arena Constructions

Arena Construction in Galway coupled with our Silica Sand and Fusion Fibre Surface

Equestrian Surfaces were commissioned by this client to construct a 40m-20m arena with our beautiful white silica sand and Fusion Fibre surface and were also asked to install equestrian mirrors. The customer also had no adequate fencing to keep her horse contained. So our installation team set to the task and installed a variety of fencing on site. From the pictures you can see, the client is very pleased with the outcome. The site has had a complete makeover by Equestrian surfaces and the customer said she couldn’t be more delighted with what we have done.

Arena Construction 60m by 40m with a Continuous Kerbed Perimeter, Co Cork

Arena Construction 60m-30m with attached Lunge Ring, Containing our Fibre Footing Surface

Few Pictures were taken, but as you can see, a simple green field can be turned into a fantastic all weather Riding Facility.