Fibre Stabilizers


For Adding To All Sand Types Inc. Deep Riding Wexford Sands

Our range of surface enhancing Equestrian Fibre Stabilizers can be blended with existing sand surfaces or purchased to lay with your Wexford sand. Our Fibre Stabilizer Ranges will dramatically enhance the performance of your sand surface.They can also be used as stand alone Surfaces on Carpet fibre Gallops, If you require installation of the fibres we offer an installation service call for details.


Most Sand Surfaces require the addition of synthetic equestrian fibre stabilizers to provide binding and stability. At Our production facility we recycle and manufacture a wide range of selected blends of synthetic materials, finely chopped and blended, to incorporate into new or existing sand surfaces including Wexford sands


Premier fibre is a Blend of Fusion fibres and Classic White, Polyurethane fibres and polyester fibres,These are blended together to give a consistent mixture . MORE >>>

     FUSION FIBRE ADDITIVEpolypropylene-fibre

Fusion fibre emulates roots in grass,this is one of the most popular fibre additives, especially for deep riding wexford sands . MORE >>>

     CLASSIC WHITE classic-white

Classic White fibre additive gives vertical and horizontal support to sand, it helps to hold onto moisture and releases this back into the surface through capillary action when being ridden on . MORE >>>

iso 9001

Equestrian Surfaces are proud to have gained ISO UKAS Accredited 9001 status for the manufacture, supply and installation of synthetic Fibres Equestrian use. These standards set the benchmark of surface manufacture within the industry and guarantee the end user the best quality of surface available today.