Premier Fibre



The Premier Stabilizer is the most advanced non waxed additive available on the market today.

Technical Data: Properties :

Blend of our of Fusion fibres, polyurethane fibres and polyester Fibres.All Fibres are durable man made Fibre materials. The Premiier Stabilizer Fibre is carefully chopped to correct lengths to increase traction and absorb impact, the materials used are made from polypropylene, Polyester and polyurethane as there is no wool present the elements of rotting are not an issue. The Fusion fibre adds Root Structure and Cushion to the surface creating return. The Classic White fibre in this blend adds vertical and horizontal support and reduces surface penetration and surface shear. All these fibres are very hardwearing and virtually indestructible. The Premier Stabilizer binds with the sand giving it an ability to absorb impact that emulates turf, this in return ensures the risk of the jarring to the horses is minimal. This Stabilizer mix will give stability and consistency and help to retain moisture thereby enhancing the performance of any sand surface


Shock Absorption Reduced Penetration Increased Traction Moisture Retention Surface Return Vertical And Horizontal Support Cushioning Will Not Rot (No Wool Present) as we are the manufacturer we control the product we chop and only 100% POLYPROPYLENE is used.

iso 9001


Equestrian Surfaces are proud to have gained ISO UKAS Accredited 9001 status for the manufacture, supply and installation of synthetic Fibres Equestrian use. These standards set the benchmark of surface manufacture within the industry and guarantee the end user the best quality of surface available today.