Irish Horse Tv @ Emerald International

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Irish Horse Tv where @ the opening Trials @ Emerald International, see what the Riders and Organisers thought of the Facilities and Cushion Track Elite Riding surface.

74 jumping horse with jockey


Emerald Internationals requirements where that the Equestrian Facility had to have the best riding surface for competition use without the use of waxand with this in mind we set about developing a new riding surface, The blend of surface is made with a multi washed, specific grading of fine white silica sand and a blend of several of our synthetic fibres to produce a surface with high shear strength yet retain  a cushion for damping impact forces.

We have designed the surface around top level showjumping after listening to several riders on their requirements and the best type of ground required for high level competitions.

We worked closely with the sand providers to acheive the correct gradings of silica sand to maximise its use with our fibres. Before blending and installing the surface at Emerald International we mixed several different blends at our manufacturing yard over the course of several months before we achieved what we now call Cushion Track Elite.

We have also achieved a surface that drains efficiently yet has good moisture retention reducing the irrigation required in dry periods of weather.

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