Differences Between Silica Sand And Wexford Sand

Differnces between Multi Washed Silica Sand And Wexford Sand.

Sand is the most important material that goes into making a riding surface.

There are various types of sand on the market place,

Natural sands that have been formed over years on prehistoric beaches then when the sea retreated these deposits where left and are quarried today in Areas of Co Wexford, these sands tend to be round to sub-angular in shape and do not bind together well, These type of sands would ride deeper and softer than a man made sand and can have a lower silica content.They need more quantity of fibre to stabilize the finished riding surface and over time break down quicker as they have deposits of shell and crustaceans deposited in them.

Silica sands, These type of sands are normally manufactured using a crushing and washing process until the desired grain sizes are reached, This type of sand is normally manufactured from quartz deposits that are high in silica content, the grains can be sub-angular to angular in shape and lock together better providing a more stable riding surface for all disciplines. Here at Equestrian Surfaces Ireland we only use this high grade of Silica sand in our manufactured riding surface range, all the sand we use is graded and sized to our specification so it works best with the materials we blend.

Why is Silica content important?

Silica content and the amount of it in a sample of sand is a gauge on the hardness of the sand, the higher the silica content the longer the sand will last without braking down. The lower the silica content the sand contains more minerals that are softer and can breakdown quicker.

Our Experience and knowledge of sands and grading`s gives our riding surfaces the edge on durability, consistency and filtration, As we manufacture riding surfaces we can blend multiple sands together to create different types of going.

Installing a top Quality Multi washed silica sand is paramount to having a dust free draining arena or gallop that will perform correctly once installed.

We supply several different grades of multi washed silica sand or we can supply wexford sand depending on the clients needs.



Sand Types and disciplines:

  • FINE SILICA SAND, Show Jumping, carriage driving, polocrosse.
  • MEDIUM GRADE SILICA SAND, Dressage and Fast working gallops, lunge rings.
  • WEXFORD SAND COARSE, National Hunt.


  • FINE SAND, Once settled will tighten and give a firm jumping base.
  • MEDIUM GRADE, Once settled will be more open and move slightly more under hoof.
  • WEXFORD SAND COARSE, Once settled it is a open sand that can ride deep and require more maintenance to keep level, it is cheaper in cost and will break down quicker than a true silica sand.


All of the above sands can be enhanced by adding one of our Fibre Stabilizers

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