Stabilizing fibres need to do one basic job but actual fact do a lot more.
Main Role –

  • -To stabilize and secure the sand from too much movement through its binding qualities.
    Retain Moisture.
  • – The fibres holds onto moisture longer than free draining sand can do alone.
    Reduce Maintenance.
  • – As an effect of the stabilization, there is less movement and kickback from the surface.
    Reduce Injury.
  • – Reduces risk of over stretching & straining of the horse as can happen in loose/dry sand.


DO NOT BE DUPED – Why choose Equestrian Surfaces Fusion Fibres over others on the market. You may be told that others supply the same Fibres as Equestrian Surfaces however that is not possible as we manufacture our own Equestrian Fibres, through the refining process of a select choice of Polypropylene,nylon,polyester Synthetic Fibres. We can guarantee that our product is 100% manmade fibres and has no wool content, unlike other imported fibres which could be what is know as 80/20 mix. Although initially those fibre/wool mixes will bind well, in time the wool content will rot and you will see your fibre/money disappear before your eyes.

Also quality of the fibre and cut length are very important – Our fibres are the correct length for equestrian use. If the fibres are too long, they can result in increased tripping of the horse, if they are too short, it will result in the product not binding enough to give a satisfactory result.


We are the only Equestrian Fibre manufacturer/supplier in Ireland and the UK that has Environmental agency approval that our fibre products are fit for purpose for the Equine Industry We have also just achieved ISO9001 @ our Uk manufacturing facility for the production of specialized equestrian fibres this guarantees that the specialized fibre range we produce meets the strict quality controls of this mark .

We are also EU compliant meaning our fibres are environmentally friendly and can cause not harm or leeching into the ground.

If you require any further advice or require a quote for the supply only or supply & installation of our Fibres please do not hesitate to contact us on 045254222, by email info@equestriansurfaces.ie


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  • fibre being put out 1
  • sand ready for fibre
  • fibre being installed
  • Power harrow installing Fibres
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